Obama’s Innovation Strategy is 2.0

While the French government has recently launched “Le Moteur de la Recherche” to increase collaboration between public and industrial research, President Barack Obama recently signed a memorandum that highlights issues related to the implementation of his...

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Serendipity and Innovation

Many innovations are related to chance, a set of fortuitous conditions (happy or unhappy). However, chance is not enough. Knowledge and experience are necessary to transform the set of conditions into innovation. This is the concept behind the word “serendipity”. This...

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Open Innovation : Obama vs Sarkozy

In August 2009 White House sent a memorandum to the executives of various research agencies and departments regarding Science and Technology priorities for 2011 budget. The memorandum explains the prioritization regarding science and technology activities and...

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Interview with Frédérique Sachwald

Frederique Sachwald, Ph.D. in economics, graduated from IEP Paris and University of Cambridge. Frederique Sachwald is Head of the Business R&D Department, Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France. She is the author of several reports on the open innovation....

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