Mobility is a fundamental aspect of space control. In a context of industrial innovation the term generally refers to various urban modes of travel, the combination of which allows to decongest flows by increasing by intelligent systems of sharing the rate of use and filling of vehicles. It is a vast field in turmoil that everyone can observe first hand. The Open Organization blog has been following this story for some years now.

Therefore, the following reading guide is timely. Here are the posts about mobility on the Open Organization blog and elsewhere:

1. Innovation in China: Big, Fast Transparent, A. Meige, (2018) – This article shows how China is leading in the field of smart mobility.

2. Total: the future Amazon of mobility?A. Meige, (2018) – An article that lays important foundations for understanding that mobility is an open space with many angles of attack.

3. Pour survivre, ne vendez plus de produits, A. Meige, N. Chanut, (2018) – An article that identifies three major trends favoring the transition to a business model based on the notion of function.

4. Le cockpit du futur : vers la plateforme intelligente, Presans, open-organization (2019) – Albert Meige’s web TV talk from 2018, at a round table on the cockpit of the future.

5. Six quick insights on the autonomous vehiclePresans, (2018) – A technology sheet on the autonomous vehicle, including the five levels of autonomy.

6. Bernard Favre : “La voiture autonome n’arrivera pas avant 2040”, (2018) – Interview with Bernard Favre, Fellow Presans, on the autonomous vehicle.

7. How Armand Hatchuel analyzes companies like UberA. Meige, (2018) – A theoretical approach of Uber.

8. L’Innovation au service de la valeur ajoutée d’Hutchinson, A. Meige, (2019) – Interview with Jacques Maigné, CEO of Hutchinson, around the theme of industrial innovation.

9. The 3 levers for opening organizations, according to the CEO of FaureciaA. Meige, (2018) – Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia, delivers his vision of the keys to the organization and governance of an industrial group.

10. Plateforme digitale, uberisation… les nouveaux enjeux de l’industrie pétrolière, A. Meige,  (2019) – Where is the digital transformation in the industry? Based on an interview with Emmanuel Thomazo, Deputy Director, Strategy, Growth and Research Division, Total Exploration & Production.

11. Renault: Capable of anythingJ. Knight, (2018) ; Renault: line unchanged, J. Knight, (2019) – Two articles on Renault, pioneer of electro-mobility.

12. Blablacar / Flixbus: Major land confrontation in perspectiveJ. Knight, open-organization (2019) – The multimodal platform war is coming to Europe.

13. Think really big: Elon Musk, J. Knight, open-organization (2016) ; TESLA: Do or Die, J. Knight, open-organization (2018) ; Tesla, the German builders: second round, J. Knight, open-organization (2019) – Elon Musk, Tesla, and the German builders.

Good reading !!