Looking Back: 2015 for Presans

Let’s face it, on a collective level, 2015 mainly brought us a lot of pain. Remembering that is part of what keeps us afloat in the storm. Switching to the individual level, the tone varies. Looking back, we at Presans can see that 2015 brought quite a few changes for...

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Presans @ Forum Innovation Labs

Presans will participate in the IEA Innovation Forum on Tuesday November 17. The event will focus on the rather trendy theme of innovation labs. At Presans, we look forward to meeting you there. Update: Albert Meige will be signing his latest book. Hashtag...

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Presans @ X Open Innovation | flight data

XOI is a Polytechnique alumni think tank focused on open innovation in all its hues and shapes, founded by Tru Dô-Khac, and currently presided by Céline Conrardy. A dozen-strong section of its members participated this week in a meeting located in the halls of the old...

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