MBDA is a world leader in missile systems, offering a full range of products incorporating the most advanced innovations advanced.

As part of innovation and monitoring activities he leads, Denis Gardin, Innovation and New Business Director at MBDA, has recently decided to use the Presans Conciergerie Service.

Presans Conciergerie is a digital platform of 6 million experts dedicated to accompany major industrial groups in their development. The Conciergerie puts our customers in direct and almost immediate contact with an expert sharp in his field.

A valued service within the MBDA teams, after a few months of use, for six reasons:

  • A service that directly supports the detection of technologies and innovative startups.
  • Ease of use for teams.
  • The Conciergerie makes it possible to obtain very quickly, and very discreetly a mini-state of the art on a particular technology.
  • The Conciergerie gives a panoramic view of the laboratories and industries.
  • Compared to other devices, the Conciergerie facilitates to put in practical contact with an expert, himself a source privileged leads and new relevant issues.
  • The possibility of consulting several experts on the same question.

“Our teams use the Presans Conciergerie primarily to be able to quickly reach states of the art providing a panorama precise existing collaborations between laboratories and industry. The Conciergerie service is a source of enthusiasm, not least because divide by at least a factor of two the access time to the expertise. ”

Émmanuel Lévy, Head of Technology Watch at the Innovation and Future Technologies, MBDA

Case study: how MBDA uses the Presans Conciergerie


The Conciergerie platform sets up your call appointment with a Presans-vetted international expert within few days