The emergence of open organizations is fast and inexorable, but it goes too quickly for the naked eye. To really understand it, you have to think about it and do it. This idea is modern, but not new. As Vico wrote in the eighteenth century, Verum et factum convertuntur: what is true and what we do are convertible—we only really know what we do, and we only really do what we know. That’s the philosophy behind Presans Explore, our new business transformation consulting practice.

Here’s a video that captures the state of mind and the universe of Presans Explore:

Presans Explore collectively accelerates the vision of open organizations by helping to think and do them: by making the vision of open organizations operational. Our customers brought us to this new territory: Presans Explore completes our on-demand talent platform business.

Presans Explore: Explore and build the organizations of tomorrow.

The three engines  of Presans Explore

Presans Explore’s business is based on three complementary pillars.

  • Presans Explore Maieutics provides a consulting, coaching, intellectual sparring, and business training service based on operational knowledge and a systemic method of digital transformation.
  • Presans Explore Content uses different levels of analysis and distribution channels to think about open organizations, deepening our understanding of their characteristic features, including through articles, conferences, and events, such as the Presans Raout.
  • The Presans Explore Circle is the industrial think tank of Presans’ preferred partners, which aims to explore the various dimensions of digital disruption and their impact on business and society.

Presans Explore’s three explorer profiles

The profile for Presans Explore Maieutics

  • Albert Meige is known for his reflections on open organizations and built Presans to help set up these organizations.
  • Philippe Letellier has developed the digital business analysis approach and has experimented with it many times for various companies in various sectors.


The profile for Presans Explore Content

The Profile of Presans Explore Contributors combines three traits: 1) an interest in technology and the industry world 2) an organizational outlook 3) a philosophical turn of mind.


The profile: Presans Explore Circle

The Presans Explore Circle brings together industrial players in the digital transformation who can step back, dream, decide, and mobilize.