Presans Platform is a platform of talents on demand. It is widely used by the industrial world because of the originality, reliability, and confidentiality of the scientific, technological, and business expertise that it delivers. Underlying this platform is a vision of the global transformation of the organization of work: it is this vision that establishes the raison d’être of the platform.

This vision, which we formulated for the first time a year ago, is as follows: Accelerate the transformation of businesses into open organizations by increasing or creating access to on-demand talent teams.

There is an existential question that all companies in the world are asking: How to have the agility of a start-up, while having several tens or hundreds of thousands of employees? The answer to this question is a new form of company.

In fact, the notion of a company as we know it today is very recent. It is over 150 years old and dates from the first industrial revolution. It was created in a certain context to meet certain needs. Today, the context and needs have changed and new organizational forms of business are emerging before our eyes. These new organizational forms, these new companies, I call them Open Organizations.

These Open Organizations all share a set of characteristics. I have identified the main ones in my article: Digitalization: the Pharmakon of Open Organizations.

One of the key features is Talent on Demand, or Staff on Demand. My previous article “The Pyramid of Talent On Demand” deepens this point and positions Presans Platform in a space including companies such as Uber or Kaggle.

These new world businesses—those which will be tomorrow’s survivors—all have in common the ability to mobilize talents on demand for the duration of projects. Corporate talents, of course, but also a growing pool of talent from outside the company, recruited during the project.

The raison d’être of Presans — our vision, why we are here — is part of this mega-trend: accelerating the transformation of business into open organizations by increasing or creating access to on-demand talent teams.

The question we are trying to answer at Presans is “How do we create teams of talents on demand?”

To answer this question, we mobilize both the digital dimension and the human dimension. Digital, because there is an issue of big data and artificial intelligence: how to map talent globally and match supply and demand robustly and reliably. Human, because it is not enough to put the 3 best people around the table to shed light on a theme: it requires a shared understanding of the issue between the company and the team of experts on demand. We have to activate the collective intelligence within this team on demand; it is necessary to facilitate the integration of new knowledge generated within the company, etc.

Presans Platform seeks to provide answers in both dimensions.

Presans Platform‘s mission is to inject on-demand expertise into industrial innovation projects to accelerate decision-making and overcome scientific and technical barriers.

Presans Platform gathers more than 6 million scientific and technical experts, enabling technology companies to increase their teams and their efficiency by mobilizing on demand the best experts in the world on their industrial innovation issues.

The five main uses of Presans Platform are:

  • Problem solving technology (Open Problem Solving)
  • Strategic Innovation Guidance
  • The realization of states of the art (Open State of the Art)
  • Talent & Partner Sourcing
  • Rapid Innovation Guidance (Conciergerie)

The singularity of Presans lies in two specificities: being Data Driven and relying on Augmented Humans.

The efficiency gain that Presans guarantees to its customers is achieved thanks to two unique characteristics: Presans combines big data and artificial intelligence on the one hand, with the human intelligence of veterans of industrial innovation on the other:

  • Data Driven: Presans has the first open innovation platform leveraging big data and artificial intelligence with a focus on industrial technology innovation. The Sofia software application, developed by Presans Platform, allows mapping of scientific and technical expertise worldwide, building our network of more than 6 million experts and mobilizing them on demand. This use of big data and artificial intelligence allows Presans Platform to be extremely efficient in terms of completeness and quality of the network of experts.
  • Augmented Humans: Presans is composed of a permanent team of Fellows whose role is to be the active interface between its industrial customers and the teams of experts on demand recruited through the platform. Our Fellows are veterans of industrial innovation (former technical directors or R & D of large industrial groups). Presans Fellows have become experts in the field of expertise.

At Presans, they create what we call trust on demand.

Our new baseline: Towards Open Organizations ®

The new baseline “Towards Open Organizations” announces Presans’ vision: Presans, through Presans Platform, offers a platform to mobilize experts on demand to illuminate issues of industrial innovation. With Presans Explore, Presans offers a range of tools and services that allow traditional businesses around the world to evolve into open organizations and become tomorrow’s survivors.

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