Best practices in terms of university – industry collaborations – Part 2

Collaborations between university and industry (UI collaborations) can be fairly complicated. This is the case in France, as in other countries. In the first part of this article, I gave a summary of best practices in terms of UI collaborations. These best practices were extracted from a report of a study conducted by the National Council of University Research Administrators and the Industrial Research Institute in the United States.

In this second part of the article, I’d like to provide some additional best practices compiled from a study that Edward Spencer Calder conducted as part of his Masters at MIT.

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Open innovation and industrial secrets

We have seen the example of Apple and its iPhone, result of extensive collaborations with startups to produce a best-selling product. We are here in the very competitive sector of electronics products, with short cycles, intense competition on price, customers with...

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Open Innovation in France

Open Innovation is the idea that a company can create value (product and services) not only by its internal workforce but as well through collaborations, licensing & spin-off. The concept of Open Innovation is now well known as it emerged in the United States about...

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What is Innovation ?

PRESANS is an "Open Innovation Intermediary", based in France. Before explaining what this is, we will first speak about innovation, about the latest trends in innovation management, open innovation etc. The present article, about innovation, is a brief summary of the...

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Golden Age of Closed Innovation

Open Innovation starts to be a very popular topic in Europe. This has been the case for much longer in US (since 15-20 years ago). Open Innovation will be the subject of a series of forthcoming articles. Before being open, innovation was closed. However the expression...

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