UHPC applications: what are the difficulties and gaps?

New UHPC applications require addressing several challenges, which include:

  • Reducing the market and manufacturing costs of UHPC (local resources need to be regular and are not always optimal.)
  • Further investigations are needed on ductility, buckling, combined exposure.
  • Exclusive focus on compressive strength can lead to costly steps in a precast factory.
  • Insufficient public documentation regarding the process engineering for fiber reinforcing.
  • Developing impermeable connections, logistics, quality control of complex-shaped elements, tightness issues (marine applications)
  • Developing optimal design solutions for specific applications.


If these challenges are met, then the outlook for UHPCs is promising

The challenges presented by new Ultra High Performance Concrete applications can be overcome

Source: Presans


Industrial innovators can explore these challenges alone or by joining their forces together

Expanding the range of applications for high technology UHPC ultimately requires a powerful change of design philosophy. Presans and the Presans Synergy Factory can support industrial innovators to fully exploit the durability potentials of HUPCs for structures in new environments.

Synergy Factory

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