The automotive supplier Faurecia plays more and more the role of architect of the interior of cars within a complex industrial ecosystem. Dealing with the question of the conservation of the esthetic attributes of certain elements of interior decoration is part of this role. Wishing to explore exhaustively and exhaustively the scientific frontier in this field, Faurecia decided to turn to Presans, the specialist in industrial open innovation.


Presans Talent and Partner sourcing

The goal set by Faurecia is to find the best scientific partner within a field the company is relatively new to: that of the preservation of the esthetic attributes of certain materials.



Synergy Factory

We create on-demand multicorporate & multiexpertise task forces for innovation & Intelligence.

Presans’ scientific partner research provides Faurecia with:


  • Time savings: In-house exploration would have represented three weeks of full-time work.
  • An exhaustive exploration, particularly valuable on an entirely unexplored subject

The research conducted by Presans substantially reduces the risk of parner mistake, including minimizing any bias related to the origin of the demand.

Presans thus facilitated the safe and rapid creation of a scientific partnership: one more scientific obstacle removed!

“Presans allowed us to quickly select a high caliber scientific partner, very relevant to our topic, at a cost significantly lower than the internal cost of an equivalent project.”

Hugo Piccin

Decoration Product Line Team Leader, Faurecia

“This project has allowed Faurecia to expand its scientific network in new directions, including integrating universities that have been far removed from its existing academic network.”

Hervé Arribart

Fellow, Presans