The Conciergerie is an online platform allowing direct contact with Presans experts, accessible here.

When launching this new service, Presans invited its users to give a testimony about their experience.

Eric Dugré gives his opinion on the service here :

Éric Dugré, R&D Dairy, Product Design Director.

Opinion on the Conciergerie (18/5/2017)

“Hello and thank you for welcoming me on your forum. Unfortunately I cannot physically join you due to my busy schedule. But it’s with pleasure that I will take a few minutes to share my thoughts as a user of the new service offered by Presans.

“Let me introduce myself : my name is Éric Dugré, I work for Danone Nutricia Research as R&D Director. More specifically I am in charge of product innovation for the Fresh Dairy Products division. Presans and I now go back three years. We have already conducted two studies; without going into confidential details:

  • The first study was a search for convincing arguments adressing a technical and scientific question which was raising a number of challenges inside the company. We found an answer pretty quickly, complete with good arguments that convinced the business.
  • The second study aimed to find real technological solutions to technical and scientific issues. After a few months, we also accomplished excellent results.

“Pertaining to Presans’ traditional service : I am already quite convinced of their value. The choice of experts was pertinent. I think the role of the Fellows at this stage is key. Everything went very well, both from the point of view of relational agility and that of the deliverables’ quality.

“So yesterday I tested Presans’ new service. I had a 45 minute exchange with a Greek expert to whom I asked a question I cannot share publicly. Those 45 minutes were very fruitful. I think this is one of the key strenghts of this new service : speed. The promise is that you will obtain a one-hour conversation in less than a week. This conversation must orient your choices, help choose a better scale for projects, allow you to know where feasability lies, and give the broad action items to consider. This is very precious: often times we need to spend several weeks or even months working internally on these feasability questions. I must say : the call yesterday cleared things up and probably saved us three or four months which would have been spent defining the project.

Here is what I retained from the experience:

  • Helps decision-making
  • A Fast Service
  • Confidentiality garanteed : the expert does not even know my employer. This allows me to discuss freely and focus on the points we wanted to address.

“I am thus very satisfied.

“Of course, it was a substantive question and we called an academic, so he brought us answers. I do not know if this will apply to all topics, but I know that thanks to the Fellow’s work, there is undoubtedly a way to identify very precisely the experts with the right approach and/or solution; or at the very least with clues for implementation that will save time.

“So thank you Presans, long live the Conciergerie, and have a good day and forum!”

And thank you, Éric!

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