Instrumental cosmetics is one of the major trends in the sector, with a fast-growing market. It is mainly manifested in professional and premium care, but is destined to become more widespread.

Within the new cosmetic instruments, smart skin technologies are currently competing to somehow succeed the Roman stripe. For those who do not know what a strigile is: it is “a kind of curved iron scraper, first used by the Etruscans after their battles, then by the Romans in the Roman baths to clean their skin when they were washing.” (Wikipedia)

Smart skin technology, as we said, has made some progress since then. Joël de Rosnay recently drew attention to this point:

Why cover 100% of the surface of your skin? This is the argument of the manufacturer of this device in this promotional video.

I’m not sure where the smart skin trend came from, but it could well be Korea, a country known for the length and complexity of skin care routines. The offer of skin beauty care instruments is very dynamic, drawing part of its inspiration from massage practices.

Competition is therefore intensifying in this field, where data and algorithms will be crucial. What quantities must be measured to achieve a rapid and effective diagnosis of skin condition? Once the diagnosis has been made, what method should be used to correct the imperfections? A whole ecosystem of research and innovation is currently working to explore these issues, of which Presans is proud to be a part at its modest level. From our experience, the scientific and industrial challenges posed by new devices call for a sometimes unexpected multiplicity of fields of expertise. And in the global arena that serves as a framework for today’s industrial competition, it is a question of moving forward as quickly as possible, knowing how to use the best skills wherever they may be.



This type of instrument prepares a real revolution in the field of personalized dermatology. By combining smart skin with augmented reality, will the beauty of epidermis soon be within everyone’s reach?