I’ve been receiving a lot of links from Albert recently. He’s been on the road quite a bit this month, making new connections and finding out about new startups along the way.

Or maybe these subjects are just always on his radar.

Let’s see what we have, shall we? Companies are becoming more and more symbiotic. From job searches to politics, the signs of technological disruption are there.

Nothing that would knock your socks off if you’re a regular reader of this blog.

On-demand skills and talents

Years after Presans, here are 2 French startups that Albert just met in San Francisco Bruce and Crafty. They are creating a Meigean transferring market in all but name – i.e. a new way to engage talents on demand. With Bruce, We’re not talking about facilitating job searches: jobs are directly being pushed to the members of the platform. From their website: “Companies are usually in a rush when they turn to hiring temp workers, because business will suddenly be up or down. We want to make the process simpler, and as fluid as possible to make life easier for all entrepreneurs.”

Sounds familiar.

As a reminder: LinkedIn got acquired and you should have listened to Albert’s advice. (Even he should have listened to his own advice.)

Albert also predicts the exclusion of 90% of the population from the transferring market. And this too I can see happening, for all kinds of reasons.

Here’s a quick personal anecdote. I do freelance translations on the side from time to time. There are various intermediation platforms for this. Some are better than others. As I recently discovered, at least one of these platforms has junior staff with zero command of the translation language.

What could go wrong?

Suffice to say I’ll avoid them in the future. In the language of Presans: they are trying to do intermediation without meta-expertise, and it doesn’t work. (It just really doesn’t.)

One of the major reasons why the transferring revolution could turn into a disaster is that meta-expertise is both hard, and a must-have function. The sooner people realize this, the better.

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