Today, we are the 21st of September 2013, exactly 4 years after the launch the beta version of our expert management system. This was a long way! We have learnt a lot, from both our clients and our experts. Today, I am very proud to announce that we have a new kid at Presans, Sofia 2. Sofia 2 is the new version of our expert management system. Sofia is the world’s most advanced expert management system.

Sofia, the world’s most advanced expert management system

Sofia is composed of two main parts. The first part is called X-Search. X-search is our expertise mapping and profiling system. X-Search is organising global expertise by extracting and analysing information from various sources of information (scientific publication repositories, patents etc.). With X-Search we have created a network of over 2 million experts across the world. But this is not the most important. We do not care about having 2 million experts: what we are proud of is that we can find the few most relevant ones for a given need.

The second part of Sofia is called X-Call (the visible part is here). X-Call is the tool that is helping us managing the direct contacts with our experts across the word. It is almost the most important part, because, it is the system underlying our process to select experts, and to get to the best of the best.

Why should I care?

“At the end of the day, I am getting services from Presans. Why should I care about your IT system?” Well, that’s a good point. You are right! You don’t have to care about it! We just love delivering the best experience to both our clients and our experts, and to do this, we want the awesome members of our team to focus on the important stuff and to forget about the repetitive tasks.

As a client, you get the best experts in the world in no time.

So, as a client, the tools that we are developing at Presans are important because they allow us to rapidly find a few hundred relevant experts with a high potential, as well as to filter down to the most qualified. Qualified in terms of scientific and technological excellence, but also in terms of availability. Without Sofia, engaging the best experts in the world for a strategic or operational need would just take a lot more time. We can get you the best of the best in no time!

As an expert, you are not loosing your time and your intellectual property!

We know that since you are the best experts in the world, you have no time to waste. We don’t want to send you irrelevant needs. We will contact you only if we think that you have a high potential for the particular need of our client. We, at Presans do not believe in mass-mailing approaches (as it is currently done by other companies). We will only send you relevant information. You will not waste time in an obscure user interface: we have collected all the feedbacks you sent us since 2008 in order to design the slickest interface and smoothest process for you.

Process Expert Presans

This is just so cool!

At Presans, we engage the best experts in the world, and we are cool about it! Because we live in a world in which information is overwhelming, we have designed the best tools to make sense out of it. Because we are dreaming of dealing with world-class expertise, we have designed the best processes to make the dream become reality.

Thank you to Fabien, Guillaume and Vassilis for their awesome piece of software! Thank you to our clients and thank you to our experts for their precious feedback.