Photo, from left to right: Marc, Truls, Jacques, Guillaume, Jacques, Albert, Fabien, Sarah, Jérôme, Hervé, Darko.

Summertime comes and people stop what they were doing to gather in a beautiful place and make dreams together. This, in any case, was the mindset of the Presans Raout, which took place last weekend at Prés de Gittonville. A photographer was there, too.

A small company dreams foremost about progress and growth. As years go by the dreams become repetitive, so it is quite remarkable when someone manages to come up with something new here. It’s doable though, when you have fifteen people spanning four generations, with a strong inclination to solve problems together.

Top biologist Pierre Sonigo came to share his theoretician’s thoughts on his scientific field. His vision is both critical and positive. The immune system, genetic regulation in general are viewed in terms of population dynamics, as parts of metabolic processes. In turn, diseases such as cancer appear in a completely different light.

Pierre Sonigo at Presans

Outside ducks and cats seem to coexist in a peaceful population balance. Marc plays a Bob Dylan tune on his guitar for us. We all ate and drank very well ; high levels of expertise were operating in the kitchen. What constitutes a setting conducive to good things? Returning from this year’s summer Raout, we’d define it as a metabolism for good syntheses, as something having a lot to do with nutrition.

Thus it is that over the course of a dreamy weekend, the collective force behind Presans caught a glimpse of beautiful things.