On February 26th 2013, Marc Giget invited Presans to the “Mardis de l’Innovation” to present its vision of the Open Innovation and crowdsourcing.

(See video at the bottom of this post!)

Les Mardis de l’Innovation (the Tuesdays of Innovation), presented by Professor Marc Giget, aim to spread the culture of innovation in various forms through open conferences and debates. Topics include:

  • theories and key concepts of innovation,
  • best practices in innovation around the world,
  • innovation in areas of rapid change,
  • important periods of the past for innovation and innovation in other countries.

The theme of the evening of February 26, was the Open Innovation and crowdsouring. Marc Giget presented the recent developments in crowdsourcing with a focus on crowdfunding.

Then four companies exposed their recent views:

  • Eyeka: crowdsourcing for marketing purposes.
  • NineSigma: identifying partners for the technological problem solving. Patrick Ferrand exposed the classical theory of Open Innovation developed by Chesbrough.
  • Expernova: mapping software skills. Pascal Magnier presented the evolution of their tool: initially focused on expert identification and now more and more towards intelligence (data interpretation, statistics etc..). Very good tool.
  • PRESANS: engaging the best experts in the world to provide insights to its clients to help them with strategic or operational decisions related to innovation. Albert Meige (me!) showed what the team of PRESANS learned over the last 5 years with our experts and with our clients. (See video below).