On the 18th of January of last year, PRESANS launched X-Search, the first worldwide expert search engine. We decided to choose  the 18th of January again to announce some exciting (at least for us!) news. In the past few years, we’ve had to learn a lot in order to develop fairly robust applications and high-end services to boost innovation. The time has now come to streamline a number of things and to structure our offering in a clearer way. Keep on reading to find out about Sofia, X-Search and X-Call… and to discover our brand new corporate website.

Why did we change ?

First of all, PRESANS is still PRESANS: our recent evolution is a logical step towards doing what we already do, only better and on a greater scale. Over the years, we’ve been developing separately two pieces of software: X-Search (expert search engine / expertise mapping software) and X-Call (the internal tool we’ve been using to manage our “Calls for Expertise” that we once called “Challenges”). In addition, we had no real corporate website.

As PRESANS grows and structures its offering, and as we get to handle more and more Calls for Expertise, our pieces of software needed to become more responsive. We decided to rethink the way they were built and to integrate them into one single application: Sofia. Sofia handles both X-Search and X-Call.

What does it change for you today? Nothing!

Why are we speaking about it in this post? Well, you will see in a few months!

Regarding the corporate website, as a matter of fact, we didn’t really have one… so we took the opportunity to put one together and to revamp our graphical charter at the same time. We hope that it will fit better with our high-end positioning. It is now a lot more obvious from our website that PRESANS is about Innovation Strategy & Management, about Calls for Expertise, and about Expertise Profiling.

What did we change?

PRESANS: Corporate Website and Innovation Management

The most obvious change for you is our corporate website. Over the last year, we’ve been providing more and more support in terms of innovation management to our clients (open innovation, innovation contests process and implementation), revamping of innovation processes etc. These services were provided by our staff (senior consultants with over 40 years of experience of Research & Innovation in various industrial sectors) and thanks to a number of strategic partners. We wanted this side of the business to be reflected on our new website, next to our other activities: Calls for Expertise and Expertise Mapping.


X-Search: the Worldwide Expert Search Engine

When we first launched a free version of X-Search, one year ago, we were revolutionizing the way people could find experts around the world — for free.

This year we are bringing X-Search one step further. The free version of X-Search is a light version of our internal more sophisticated tool, however, it still brings a lot of value to its users: over 1.1 million experts in base, in over 30 thousand institutions and 130 countries, most of the experts being in countries and continents including  Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, Russia and India.

Another great news item is that you can now use X-Search in many other ways. For instance, our newly developed widget makes it possible to easily embed X-Search on your website.


X-Call: PRESANS’s Calls for Expertise

Calls for Expertise (formerly known as “innovation” challenges) constitute our historical activity. And this is still our main activity. We organize public (they appear on our website) and private (you need to be invited to know that they exist) Calls for Expertise. With these Calls for Expertise, we address a whole range of needs: support strategic decision, identify disruptive technologies, qualify potential key partners, etc. Finally, we organize these Calls for Expertise directly  — or, we make our infrastructure (our software Sofia and our methodology) available to partners. Sofia will be made available to more partners in the coming months – drop us a line if you are interested!