Implementing the MDES approach with the right technological and methodological assets (i.e. a powerful Expert Search Engine and a relevant methodology to enhance problem formulation) presents strong advantages for experts, seekers and Open Innovation intermediaries (problem solving platforms).

For the experts

  • Get relevant problems without having to register
  • Ensure the protection of their intellectual property
  • Avoid irrelevant work and frustration
  • Get the guaranty to be paid for their work

For the seekers (the client companies)

  • Have a better control of confidentiality
  • Get potential access to tens of millions of worldwide experts
  • Engage more and better experts
  • Get better solutions

For the intermediaries (the platforms)

  • Decrease cost structures
  • Increase scalability
  • Build a reputation of quality & trust
  • Improve the solving rate and the solution quality.

The present article is after the chapter we wrote in the book “A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: A Compendium of Best Practice, Advice and Case Studies from Leading Thinkers, Commentators and Practitioners“.