Dr Letizia Mortara, Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing’s Centre for Technology Management (University of Cambridge) has just released a new report on Open Innovation.

The idea is that the new paradigm of Open Innovation is an innovation itself and that it needs innovative tools to be deployed: it  demands a new set of capabilities which many businesses do not possess.

Companies looking for help with open innovation will find various organizations out there. These organizations have come to be known as “innovation intermediaries”.

This report aims to help companies select the most effective source of help with open innovation.

The report, entitled “Getting help with open innovation” is extremely interesting and exhaustive. It addresses some of the following points:

  • The capabilities needed to implement open innovation
  • How innovation ‘intermediaries’ can help you acquire them
  • A structured approach to selecting an intermediary
  • Examples of over 100 intermediaries who support innovation

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