Open Innovation platforms (and especially problem solving platforms) have received increasing attention over the last few years. Although much hope was initially put into them, it gradually faded away and changed in some form of mistrust, because of a number of drawbacks (relatively low number of solvers, confidentiality issues, intellectual property management problems, disappointing solutions, etc.). We propose a novel approach, Multistep Dynamic Expert Sourcing (MDES), developed and implemented by the French company PRESANS. This approach solves most of the existing drawbacks and leverages all the potential of online Open Innovation.

This very short article is summary of a series of upcoming articles on Expert Sourcing (vs crowdsourcing):

A Novel Approach for Open Innovation Platforms : Multistep Dynamic Expert Sourcing

The present article is after the chapter we wrote in the book “A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing: A Compendium of Best Practice, Advice and Case Studies from Leading Thinkers, Commentators and Practitioners“.

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