MBDA is a world leader in missile systems, offering a full range of products incorporating the most advanced innovations.

Graham Wallis, the Chief Technologist at MBDA, wants to investigate the industrial value of seemingly sensational results produced within a certain field of theoretical research. Is the interest in the technological applications of this field justified or is it a technological bubble?

The sensitive nature of the subject prevents us from revealing the exact nature of the technology in question. The studied applications involve image gathering and processing.

MBDA saw reports of the potential for this technology to reduce mass and cost and is now considering whether it could have application in its core products. The challenge is to determine the advisability of a significant investment in this technology.

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Presans: crowdsourcing the best experts in the world for a second opinion

Eager to buy time and to access an independent and external source of expertise, MBDA turns to the Presans platform.

Fellow Jacques Schmitt is in charge of the project. The activation of Presans’ technology expertise platform reveals that MBDA’s demand lies at the technological frontier of several disciplines.

On the basis of a set of Expert profiles provided by Presans, MBDA selects a pair of experts combining theoretical and experimental backgrounds. Multiple client feedback loops help refine the content of the requested report.


Results: a rational decision not to invest, enabled by Presans

In three weeks, the analysis carried out by the experts mobilized by the Presans platform reliably establishes that the technology in question is, in fact, immature: a TRL (Technology Readiness Level) too low for this technology to be developed by an industrial actor.

MBDA, therefore, decides not to continue investing in this technology.

The Presans platform and its global network of more than 6 million experts make it possible to easily remove the danger of sunk costs influencing the decision to pursue developing this technology.


Return on investment: saving time and resources

An equivalent study conducted internally would have mobilized several people over a period of at least three months. The time saved by Presans corresponds to a factor of four; which is significant when you have to go fast!

In addition, the independence of the expertise and the anonymity of the client guarantee a better reliability of the final information. The cost of the study entrusted to the expert mobilized through the Presans platform is therefore about ten times lower than that of the inappropriate investments that it has allowed to avoid in a safe way.



The epilogue of the story: charmed by the Presans approach, Graham, later on, joins the team of Fellows.


About Presans: Founded in 2008 by Albert Meige, Presans is the French leader in open industrial innovation, mobilizing a global network of more than six million experts on behalf of customers operating in sectors as diverse as energy, automotive or agribusiness.